It’s not what you think

Why Outsource Connectivity?

Choosing an internet connection used to be as simple as just finding the fastest one, but bandwidth consumption, sensitivity to bandwidth quality, the myriad of devices concurrently operating, and complex network designs have escalated the criticality and sophistication of connectivity to the top of the list.

DakotaPro Connectivity Services:

  • Enable your existing, systems to operate at their optimum
  • Unprecedented, automated connectivity redundancy
  • Monitors your speed AND quality connectivity 24/7
  • Concurrent multiple internet sources – when you can never go down!
  • No setup or initiation costs, just a monthly fee for any of our services

Partial or the whole enchilada?

Why Outsource Technology?

As business has become more complex and competitive in the age of the internet, we can’t afford to dilute our focus on our businesses core competencies and the resultant competitive advantage. Managing technology internally consumes more of your resources with each passing year.

DakotaPro Suite of Technology Services:

  • Puts a “Fortune 500” level team of technology experts in your corner
  • Eliminates those big technology “surprise” purchases or replacements
  • Protects your mission critical functions from becoming obsolete
  • Monitors your technology 24/7
  • Attract and retain the best staff because their tech tools work!
  • Repurpose management hours dealing with technology problems.
  • No setup or initiation costs, just a monthly fee for any of our services

Internet Quality or Speed?

Most people think it’s all about Quantity. Dirty water is great for putting out fires, but you don’t want to drink it. Many of your business systems need “Mountain Spring” clean internet connectivity. Consulting and internet connectivity quality testing is complimentary.

Your best for your clients

Your customers need you at your best and that includes your undivided attention. If you are distracted by technology disruptions or on-going issues (connectivity is the #1 issue) …your clients are being negatively impacted.

Outsourcing –
Bottom Line Impact

Outsourcing Technology may be the best thing to hit your bottom line (other than your revenue growth because you could repurpose technology management time to things that count).

The drivetrain of your business…

Operations Productivity

Our engineers have designed our Business Technology Suite of Services to keep you the most productive at running your business by insuring your existing systems requirements are optimized, and as you upgrade, make the necessary adjustments to keep it optimized. DakotaPro will care for of all or part of your technology management, maintenance, equipment, and monitoring, so you can take care of YOUR clients!.

Are you:

Wondering why your Technology seems to be getting slower?

Are your employees more than a little frustrated about not having the tools they need every day, work like they should?

Internet connectivity cost have decreased significantly…are you paying too much for too little?

On the verge of buying/upgrading a piece of technology hardware?

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, including just evaluating your current connectivity or conducting a full system audit/analysis (and maybe even reduce your overall costs)…our consulting is complimentary.