Billing Practices

General Billing Info

We bill for all services in advance.  All Customers are extended Net 30 termsOngoing Invoicing is on the 1st of the month for the following month’s services. Customers thus have until the last calendar day of the month to make a payment that is considered “on time”. One way we try and help the environment is that we email most statements to customers to save paper.  However, if you require a paper statement, we can send you a physical copy for small monthly fee. We offer various methods for you to pay your bills with us (see below).  Most of our Customers choose to have their accounts setup on auto-pay, which runs on the 1st day of each month.

We don’t leave the office each day until all paper checks received are posted to account.  This has been our practice for many years.  We send receipts each evening for all payments received.  If you have not gotten your email receipt, we did not get your payment! Cancellation refunds are send out 2x/month via physical paper check to the last known Customer postal address. If a paper check or E-Check payment is returned unpaid, we will pass on the bank’s fees charged to us plus a $25 administrative fee for each instance.

Customer Portal

We provide a Customer Portal for you to update your account information with us.  Here, you can update your contact email address, mailing address, and adjust/update various billing options.  Your portal login is already established.  If you have lost or do not know your credentials to access your account, please contact our Customer Service team.

Business Hours Customer Repairs/Upgrades

Our normal business hours are 8am to 5pm, Mon-Fri.  DakotaPro performs no-charge repairs and scheduled upgrades to all services during normal business hours.

After Hours Business Customer Repairs/Upgrades

DakotaPro performs no-charge emergency repairs to our managed business services twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. Who decides when it is an emergency?  The Customer, of course!  There is never an additional charge for DakotaPro to perform an emergency repair on our managed business services.

Billable Work

If DakotaPro is requested to perform work that is outside the scope of our managed services or due to an unscheduled Customer change request, that work may be billable per the terms of your service agreement with us.

Credit Cards Accepted

Once you have your credit card information on file, we can automatically charge your card each month and then send you a receipt.

EChecks Accepted

If you’d like to pay with an E-Check, simply print out the form below, fill it out and send it to us.  We’ll can debit your checking or savings account for your charges each month (and still send you a receipt).  How’s that for easy?

Special Notes on Payment Checks

Increasingly, many customers are initiating payment through their banks who then in turn mail us a paper check.  We’re happy to accept payments in this manner, but they do come with a caveat when it comes to timing.  Many banks will withdraw the necessary funds from the Customer’s bank account many days before we receive (and thus post payment) to your account.  We’ve had many customers initiate a payment in this manner on the 29th of the month, but we don’t receive it until the 5th

Additionally, postal mail is typically taking 3-4 days since all mail processing is now done in Phoenix. 

Consequently, please plan ahead when using either payment methods.

Late Fees and Account Suspension

Late fees will be charged on any account in arrears for 1 month or more. In addition, accounts past due will have services suspended until account is paid in full or arrangements have been made for payment with our billing department. In cases where Customer’s accounts are habitually late and must be handled frequently, we may also charge re-activation handling fees when appropriate.

Obviously, we hope you are very satisfied with our service. If you have any questions on your account, please call our customer service team at 745-3900 or send an e-mail to