WiFi/Hospitality/Custom Case Study

The #1 guest complaint in the Hospitality Industry is bad WiFi and terrible guest support

In some businesses GREAT WiFi is absolutely critical

We are a 5 star, internationally acclaimed resort. Our clients are among the most discriminating (and demanding) in our industry (As well they should, given our pricing tier). We have trusted DakotaPro since 2010 with two very important responsibilities; first is to insure that our technical infrastructure for our guest technical services is always state of the art. The second, is how they serve our guests who directly access DakotaPro’s technical support 24/7 such that our guests experience the same level of care (which we are known for worldwide) that our extensive staff provides them for all other needs during their stay with us.


Most of us think of WiFi in relatively simple terms, but when the requirement is that it be flawless, seamless (meaning I can walk from one end of the property (multiple acres) to the other without my movie being interrupted, and able to handle ALL device types (including the latest to hit the market), extreme terrain, inside and out…well let’s just say this is a whole different WiFi ball game. Additionally, this implementations was to be concurrent with a multi-million dollar construction/expansion while the resort was still operating.


DakotaPro’s engineering team is in its element when it is designing new, previously impossible, real world applications with the latest commercial technologies. That was the case originally with this client and continues to be the case. Initially, leveraging new technical capabilities and proven engineering practices, a system was designed, tested and implemented that successfully met the customers “blue sky” requirements. DakotaPro not only managed the project for the installation (existing and buildings under construction), but was also asked to lead the project with the construction team since the interim VP of Technology post was unexpectedly vacated.


This client’s requirements have continued to rise with the constant evolution of technology and their guest’s expectations. So much so in that there have been three evolutions of system refreshment/upgrades as the appropriate newest technologies have been incorporated. In each evolution, the system has been built to anticipate the client’s needs and been relatively straightforward due to flexible/scalable system architecture. DakotaPro has continued to partner with this client to keep them at the pinnacle of their industry.

DakotaPro Technical Services is truly a partner with you in tackling your most extreme system challenges. From WiFi to phone systems and everything in between, DakotaPro finds a way to make it work…and keep it working…including a 5 star technical support team!

If you are tired of WiFi and guest support being a drain on your property’s ratings, let DakotaPro show you what is possible. Consulting is complimentary for making your vision a reality.