Video Case Study

Our primary purpose was to employ a coaching tool, the value and impact was far greater.

Campus Video System has Dramatic surprise for School Administrators

Flexibility and convenience for our teacher coaches and to accomplish classroom observation has made all the difference. We knew remote observation would have an objectivity/efficiency effect as well as a secondary benefit of some additional security. What we didn’t expect was the extreme reinforcement of the best of our organizational culture. The presence and appropriate use of video to create clarity as to what really happened in certain situations 1) really made our teachers feel supported and 2) virtually eliminated any unhealthy conflict campus wide for students, staff, and parents!


Video feedback for skill development for training teachers, and many other types of professional presenters, is very effective. Although the school had employed it at times, it was intrusive, required significant planning, and needed technical staff to run the equipment. It was much easier for the coaches to just make the trip (if a different campus), interrupt the class, and then sit in the back to do the required observation. There was also a secondary need to have video observation where after hours vandalism of facilities had occasionally been an issue.


Video feedback for skill development is a decades old proven process. DakotaPro’s video services make it as convenient as a supervisor engaging their smartphone for 10 minutes, before an off-site client appointment, to complete a coaching observation of a teacher in their classroom without disruption. Remote access, any mobile device, any camera, live observation…that’s pretty flexible (and the applications are endless!)


Technology not only helps us do our jobs better and more efficiently, but in some cases reinforces the best in us. Consider having a difficult conversation with a friend. Just knowing it was being recorded reinforces your desire and ability to be kind and empathetic, even when it might be easier to get upset. Training and security applications are best practices for video applications in most industries, but the calming effect it can reinforce in a corporate culture was truly astounding in this example.

DakotaPro video services provides an extremely cost effective and convenient solution that enables an organization to access the best of this proven feedback technique as well as protect assets and reduce uncertainty anxiety in remote or unmanned applications. (think of the baby monitor concept on steroids). The system is completely managed and maintained by DakotaPro, including video recording archives, which are provided upon request for specific time intervals.

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