Home Residential Fixed Wireless

This is the product our Residential customers are all talking about. To successfully deliver this service, all we need is a clear line of sight to one of our towers. We offer numerous speed options so we can hit almost any budget. Get up to 25 Mbps speeds at very reasonable pricing!

We have many plans so you can best choose a plan to fit your budget (see above). Our pricing starts at $44/month for our lowest speed tier, 3 Mbps.

Download Speeds / Upload Speeds

25 Mbps / 12.5 Mbps

11 Mbps / 5.5 Mbps

8 Mbps / 4 Mbps

5 Mbps / 2.5 Mbps

3 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps

Many of our employees have this service – and they love it. They report their speeds are more consistent than any other service they’ve had and the latency is very low (< 10 ms). Below are more details regarding this exciting new product!


We beam this service through the air, so we do not rely on the cabling in the ground. Thus, we do not experience the ongoing issues of when it rains, intermittent issues start.


Extremely consistent, with very low latency (< 10 ms)


Also very good. We have built our towers to support business customers, whose expectations for consistent delivery is paramount. Our Residential users benefit from using the same infrastructure at a much lower price!


If you want to watch video from Netflix™, Hulu™, Youtube™, etc, you’ll find our service will blow you away with how good it does these tasks.

No Data Caps

If you’re used to a satellite or cellular connection, you’ve already noticed that a watching a couple of online movies uses your data allotment for the month. With DakotaPro, watch all you want! You’ll love our no data caps policy!


If you are serious about gaming, our service is your best choice. Our latency is probably the lowest you’ve experienced in a residential service – typically less than 10 ms! If you’re playing online against other players who are using any of the above connectivity, guess who’ll have a rather HUGE advantage? Shhhh!

Business Class Connectivity for your home!

Our system has been designed to support the needs of business users, so it is extremely reliable and our local support team is here, from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Service

    • Cable
    • DSL
    • Satellite

  • Typical Latency

    • 40-45 ms (varies a lot)
    • 50-60 ms (can vary also)
    • 700–850 ms (on a good day)

Static IP available for an additional $10/month!