Operations Productivity: Voice/Phone

Historically, upgrading or replacing a business phone system was cause to change jobs

How my Phone System brought back the WOW in my sales proposals

If you are like most small and mid-sized business, if even one aspect of the technology you rely on to run your business day in and day out hiccups, it’s big trouble. DakotaPro understands the mission critical nature of business communications and has designed and built highly reliable, carrier-class communication services that are priced competitively for businesses small and large. Our state of the art communications network, private cloud data center and central office switch allow us to provide innovative services and help you to redefine the way that you use business communications.

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The DakotaPro Suite of Technology Services

  • Enable your existing, mission critical technical systems to operate at their optimum with up to “four 9’s” of uptime (99.99%) per month (less than 5 minutes per month of downtime)… if you demand that level of reliability
  • Even if you don’t absolutely have to have 99.99% reliability each month, do you sleep better knowing your DakotaPro team is that good?
  • The exclusive DakotaPro Biz kit, provides unprecedented, automated connectivity redundancy and flexibility on site for even our mid-tier business connectivity services, giving you the flexibility to grow, or quickly adapt to unforeseen needs
  • DakotaPro Connectivity services are reliable because we have multiple internet sources, so if a fiber optic line gets cut, or a telephone pole struck by lightning there are multiple paths that restore your service, often measured in milliseconds.
  • Puts your mission critical communication functions on par with the best large companies
  • Proactively monitors basic business functions (like phone voice quality) that can help identify situations before they become a problem and impact your business.
  • Puts a team of voice engineers in your corner that only At&T can rival
  • DakotaPro’s is a real phone company with  real voice engineers and the absolute latest in world class phone equipment (2019)
  • Monitors your technology 24/7 (even if you are only open 10 hours a day) with local, real, engineers & technicians.  Intrusions or unusual behaviors that occur in off hours can be  identified and most often rectified before you show up for work.  With our 247 local support center, we put the word “service” back into “telephone service.”
  • Attract and retain the best staff because you provide them with the tools for presentations, conferencing (internal/external), and remote presentations that they need to be the professionals they are.
  • Create options for travel with a suite of remote tools and applications that can make even your weekly staff meeting more productive.
  • We deploy state-of-the-art equipment, program it so that it functions properly, then monitor and maintain it so that your communications showcase your business.
  • We have no setup or initiation costs, just a monthly service fee for the right combination of voice, conferencing, and communication tools to meet your needs, now and in the future.

We do all this, so you can maximize your time to do the things you love to do!

MetaSwitch – World Class

DakotaPro has invested in, and has extensive engineering experience with, MetaSwitch telephone switching equipment to deliver a full suite of business grade telephone services... the same national switching equipment used by AT&T, Sprint and Centurylink.

Fully Hosted PBX Service

Get all the advantages of an advanced PBX system without having to purchase equipment, buy telephones or pay for ongoing maintenance, upgrades or support. DakotaPro PBX On-Demand Service is a fully hosted PBX service that gets you out of having to purchase, own and depreciate telephone equipment. Moves, adds, and changes are quick and easy with our state-of-the-art carrier class service..

Breath Life into your old PBX

We combine all of your basic communications needs into one package. Our dial-tone service is compatible with virtually every existing PBX and key telephone system.

Work from anywhere

Work from where you want when you want with ease. You can take desk phones off-site and by connecting them to any broadband connection, they function from home or a remote location exactly like they would from the office. Cut the cord and work from anywhere that you have a broadband Internet connection! Remote workers love the fact they can call back customers and vendors and their caller-ID shows as coming from the office. No more giving out your personal cell or home line when you have to make those critical calls!

Moves, Adds, & Changes - FREE

Stop paying time and materials for Moves, Adds and Changes to your phone system! Your workforce has to be flexible and so does your phone system. Don’t be penalized for improving your operations!

Outsourcing – System Security protects your employees productivity

Protect your employees productivity, in the office on the road, working from home.

Your SmartPhone thinks it’s your office phone

Mobile employees love the fact they can call back customers and vendors and their caller-ID shows as coming from the office. No more giving out your personal cell or home line when you have to make those critical calls…just click the app on your personal phone!


The #1 conference caller, remote meeting manager, video conferencing, remote presentation system in the world is imbedded inside DakotaPro’s technology.

You always knew your phone was important but…

Your phone / communication system can be a competitive advantage

Our engineers have designed our state of the art voice & communication Services to make sure 1) your clients see you at your best 2) give your employees tools that reflect their level of professionalism and 3) turbocharge your competitive advantage. If your business tools are running well, your employees can be at their most productive levels. DakotaPro will care for of all the system management, maintenance, equipment, and monitoring, so you can take care of your clients the way we take care of you.

Put the WOW factor back into your sales proposals?

Realizing your remote/mobile employees are unintentionally disadvantaged because they don’t have all the features of your office/phone conferencing system?

Contemplating the need of having to upgrade your phones AGAIN?

On the verge of making the painful decision to replace your obsolete handsets…because you can only get them on e-bay now?

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, including teaching you about features you only thought your iPhone could do, and reduce your overall costs…our consulting is free.