Operations Productivity: Security

Accidental or intentional, internal or external, when your system breaks…

What’s the business impact when your employees can’t do their job?

If you are like most small and mid-sized business, if even one aspect of the technology you rely on to run your business day in and day out hiccups, it’s big trouble. Never mind all the cyber talk, viruses, and those catastrophes… for most of us, if I can’t hear the client on the phone or access an estimating spreadsheet, the business impacts is real and immediate. If technology even burps, the proverbial domino effect is disproportionately bad!

External risks are one thing, but internal carelessness is often the root of the issue. There may be insufficient security protocols, system design, or loosely controlled access privileges after an employee resigns. For most of us, this is best handled by experts and engineers who do it every day, all day.

Instructor explaining corporate software specific to trainees in computer class. Man and women sitting at table, using desktop, pointing at monitor and talking. Training concept

The DakotaPro Suite of Technology Services

  • Starts with superior network design, so security is built-in from the ground up
  • Deploys state-of-the-art equipment, configures it so that it functions properly and securely, and then monitors and maintains it so that your business is secure.
  • Includes setting up your WiFi to the latest security standards
  • Protects your mission critical functions doing what you need them to do
  • Proactively monitors basic business functions (like phone voice quality) that can help identify situations before they become a problem and impact your business.
  • Puts a team of technology security experts in your corner that only the Fortune 500 companies can rival.  In the blindingly fast-changing world from DDOS attacks to ransomware DakotaPro’s managed firewalls/security is state of the art.
  • Monitors your technology 24/7 (even if you are only open 10 hours a day) with local, real, engineers & technicians.  Intrusions or unusual behaviors that occur in off hours can be  identified and most often rectified before you show up for work.
  • Attracts and retain the best staff because you provide them with the tools they need to be the professionals they are.
  • Dramatically reduces the management hours required in dealing with even the slightest security concern.
  • We have no setup or initiation costs, just a monthly service fee for the right level of protection to meet your needs, now and in the future.

We do all this, so you can maximize your time to do the things you love to do!

System Security Staffing

Do you really think it is reasonable these days to expect one IT employee be competent in system security when it changes daily?

System Security Changes Fast

Are you ready to make the investment in training an internal staff IT person to keep them current?

Full Time System Security Team

Experts are expensive because they get it right the first time. Mistakes in system security are perhaps the most costly. Protect your business with the best.

Take Technology off your Strategic Planning Agenda.

Outsourcing technology means that valuable strategic planning time can be re allocated to SALES!

Your best for your clients

Your customers need you at your best and that includes your systems security. If you are distracted by technology disruptions, loss of client data/work, or even billing information…your clients are being negatively impacted.

Outsourcing – System Security protects your employees productivity

Protect your employees productivity, in the office on the road, working from home.

Technology security can be crossed off the list of things that keep you up at night

Has your technology security become a unwanted (but necessary) concern in your business?

Our engineers have designed our Security Services to keep your technology protected from internal, external, intentional, and accidental events that might impact even your most basic technology functions. If your business tools are running well, than your employees can be at their most productive levels. DakotaPro will care for of all the system security management, maintenance, equipment, and monitoring, so you can take care of your clients the way we take care of you.

Are You…

Sacrificing profit & client time with a false alarm over ransomware?

Realizing your remote/mobile employees are unintentionally prone to leaving your network exposed?

Contemplating the need of having to upgrade your firewall AGAIN?

On the verge of buying/upgrading yet another security app?

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, including outsourcing your system security management, and reduce your overall costs…our consulting is complimentary!