Operations Productivity: Private Cloud

Private Cloud vs. Public cloud, given the choice…

The Public Cloud is like a Public Restroom

The public cloud is like a public restroom, very necessary, but if most people have a choice they’ll go for the private version, for many of the same reasons. The cloud is really no mystery. It is not some ethereal swirling technology heaven, but merely a bunch of hardware in a big building somewhere else…and that includes Google and Amazon (public). All restrooms have the same basic amenities, just like all cloud (colocation) facilities have the same basic amenities (Storage, security, connectivity, etc.). DakotaPro’s private cloud is something we would like you to come see. Yes it’s that cool. Have you ever been to a 5 star resort and your spouse came out of the restroom “you should see the restroom!” amazed? Our private cloud is run by real people you can meet, and our clients are family.

Computer programming. Confident IT technician examining server closet while carrying laptop

The DakotaPro Private Cloud Services

  • Provides all the features and benefits of a Public Cloud without the “public” downsides
  • You have personal access to our secure facilities and our staff for all your needs
  • Puts your mission critical backbone in a remote/redundant location on par with the industries best practices guidelines for systems and data management
  • Enable multi-site businesses (including out of state) to have their technology and communication function transparently and securely, as if everyone was in the office next door.
  • Turbocharges your remote tools and applications that can make even your weekly staff meeting more productive.
  • Enable “combining” of various technologies and sharing of software platforms, often reducing complexity and cost.
  • We deploy state-of-the-art equipment, program it so that it functions properly, then monitor and maintain it so that your communications showcase your business.
  • We have no setup or initiation costs, just a monthly service fee for the right balance of private cloud, connectivity, and the DakotaPro technology services  to meet your needs, now and in the future.

We do all this, so you can maximize your time to do the things you love to do!

The Highest Level of Protection

Protect your critical systems, data, and business functionality in DakotaPro’s Private cloud

Regulatory Compliance

DakotaPro’s colocaton facility call help you meet HIPPA, Sarbox, and other regulatory standards

Industry Best Practices

Whatever your industry, we have the expertise to help you stay on top of your business class.

Local Access

Secure access when you need it

Local technical staff

Consulting is free, we’ll help you figure out the best solution

Complimentary Remote Hands service

24x7x365 staffed facility is ready to help when needed

Turbocharge your most valuable Business Systems

The DakotaPro Private Cloud

Our engineers have designed our state-of-the-art Private Cloud Services to make sure 1) your business systems always run well 2) your critical business data is secure 3) and your clients can trust you with sensitive information. Natural disasters are a major threat to any infrastructure.  The reason to make Tucson your colocation choice is because we are at very low risk for these events. If your business tools are running well, your employees are empowered to consistently achieve their most productive levels. DakotaPro will care for of all the system management, maintenance, equipment, and monitoring, so you can take care of your clients the way we take care of you.

Are You…

Intrigued by the potential benefits of a Private Cloud for your business?

Realizing your remote/mobile employees are unintentionally disadvantaged because they don’t have all the features of your business systems?

Contemplating the need of having to purchase additional technology hardware?

Desiring to have all your business system function at all your locations seamlessly?

Need to absolutely, positively ensure that your business systems, business data, and client information are always online and as secure as possible?

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, including teaching you about all the capabilities of the DakotaPro Private Cloud to unleash your business tools…our consulting is complimentary.