Operations Productivity: Network & Multi-Network

A Solid Backbone For Your Business

We take the anxiety (and some of the cost) out of your Network

Most business owners like yourself dream have “technology that just works”. Instead suffering from the anxiety and consequences from frequent problems and the negative impact on customers and staff productivity.

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The DakotaPro Network Management Service

  • We take responsibility for the performance of your network
  • We manage your hardware so you never have to write another big check for ANOTHER “BOX”
  • If you have multiple locations (even in multiple states) we can design a network that will have your employees convinced they are all in the same building (phone services, too!).
  • One of the greatest complaints we hear from Business Customers is about their WiFi.  We are experts in deploying and managing WiFi for the Hospitality industry (one of the most demanding environments), including supporting national technical conferences
  • We deploy state-of-the-art equipment, configure it so that it functions properly and securely, then monitor and maintain it so that things “just work”.
  • We also certify and/or repair every aspect of your system (including network cabling) to ensure it meets today’s standards.
  • We charge no setup or initiation costs, just a monthly fee for this service.

We do all this, so you can maximize your time to do the things you love to do!

3rd Party Connectivity

Instead of calling your local provider with an issue, DakotaPro proactively monitors your connection, troubleshoots any issues, and works directly with the carrier to resolve any issues. We have the tools (and the geeks) to get to the crux of issues and get them resolved.

Dual-Wan Connections

Need ultra-reliable Internet? DakotaPro can help you manage both a primary and secondary provider, all with automatic routing and failover

Network Configuration

VLAN segregation, proper QOS setups, etc. In short, we’ll setup the network properly

Site-to-site VPN, Indiv VPN access

Whatever your business needs, we can make it happen

The other stuff

DHCP, ACL, DNS, port forwards, etc – we do it all


Security, PCI Compliance assistance, intrusion prevention, deep packet scanning, etc.

24x7x365 monitoring

Our systems AND staff are working round-the-clock, every day of the year to ensure you have the highest quality service available

Managed WiFi

DakotaPro has been deploying WiFi networks since 1998 – we were one of the first companies in the country to do so. You get to benefit from our expertise in designing and deploying WiFi networks. We’ll ensure you have enough access points and coverage wherever you need it.

Scratch “fix network” (again) from your to do list

Love your Network because you don’t have to think about it anymore!

Our engineers insure your network will be a solid foundation for your business. Not only is your network going to “just work”, but you’ll be ready to adapt to future client needs and scale to respond to your expanding, successful business.

Are You…

Sacrificing profit & client time dealing with infrastructure issues?

Realizing you have outgrown your technical capabilities?

Contemplating needing to hire another IT technician?

On the verge of buying/upgrading technical hardware?

Let DakotaPro take responsibility for making sure that your technology “just works” for you!

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, and probably bring some alternatives to the table you were not aware of…our consulting is complimentary.