Multi-Site Connectivity

A Solid Backbone For Your Business

Multiple Locations, Multiple States, and ONE Seamless Technology Experience

Business owners dream of “technology that just works”, but if your company has multiple locations, it might be closer to a fantasy. Multiple sites usually mean multiple redundant platforms, conflicted cloud based applications, and no means to achieve the monstrous infrastructure to support enterprise level applications. What was impossible only a few years ago is not only possible today, but more economical than what you currently have deployed.

DakotaPro’s Multi-Site Connectivity & Network Services efficiently and effectively bring the enterprise experience to mid and even small tier specialty firms like yours.  Each solution that our team designs, implements and maintains are radically unique for each client, but we have yet to find a dream we could not deliver on.  Your dream is not only achievable, it is less expensive than what you are NOT able to do now!

Busy Corporate Office, Man Working on a Laptop Signs Important Contract and Jumps in Celebration, Gives High-Five to His Coworkers. Everybody is Happy.

The DakotaPro Multi-Site Connectivity/Network Service

  • In your multiple locations (even in multiple states) we will have your employees convinced they are all in the same building (phone services, too!).
  • We take responsibility for the performance of your network across your enterprise
  • We manage your multiple internet connections including situations where it is desirable to maintain the local provider.
  • We manage your infrastructure hardware so you never have to write another big check for ANOTHER “BOX”
  • We deploy state-of-the-art equipment, program it so that it functions properly, then monitor and maintain it so that things “just work”.
  • We also certify and/or repair every aspect of your system infrastructure
  • We have no setup or initiation costs , just a monthly service fee for this service (that includes consulting, design, equipment, cabling, connectivity, hardware, and maintenance).

We do all this, so you can maximize your time to do the things you love to do!

Multi-Site Connectivity

One of the most complex components to doing Multi-site right is navigating existing connectivity complexities. Combinations of local vendors, contracts, delivery technology, etc. make this a situation you only want a proven professional firm like DakotaPro to navigate on your behalf.

Multi Site Network Design & Implementation

Our engineering team’s favorite projects are multi-site. Each one is unique and they love a challenge. We are ready for your challenge!

Multi_Site Network Management

We Design it, build it, and maintain it so you can focus on the business activities that grow your firm.

Multi-Site Business Tools and Services

All of our business service are available in a multi-site application from Mobile Office to Voice to WiFi

Security is a given

We make your multi-site business work together seamlessly while also implementing state-of-the-art security

Do all your existing locations enjoy all your technology tools?

Imagine, A seamless Technology experience across all your locations!

Our engineers insure your Mult-Site Connectivity & Network will be a solid foundation for your business. Not only is your network finally going to “just work”, but you’ll be ready to adapt to future client needs and scale to respond to your expanding, successful business.

Are You…

Sacrificing profit & client time dealing with infrastructure issues?

Realizing you have outgrown your technical capabilities?

Contemplating needing to hire another IT technician?

On the verge of buying/upgrading technical hardware?

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, and probably bring some alternatives to the table you were not aware of…our consulting is complimentary.