E-Rate Case Study

The Federal (FCC) E-rate program assists schools to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.

DakotaPro partners with renowned Charter School in Pima County to successfully establish E-Rate Program

After two prior unsuccessful attempts over the past number of years, we partnered with DakotaPro who were an invaluable factor in helping us realize close to $60,000 in Federal subsidies to give our student the tools they need to be successful in college.


State mandated online testing of students had not only pushed the Charter school’s technical system to their limit, but the changing testing requirements (over several years) had created inconsistent and incompatible technical infrastructure at different campuses.


Additional bandwidth was at the core of the solution, however, delivering it reliably to multiple campuses (testing concurrently) without impacting technical teaching and administrative tools (all with appropriate content filtering) required an engineered approach that only DakotaPro was able to achieve. As a footnote, DakotaPro was engaged at the end of the submission cycle, so deadlines were short and response times required, extreme. There was absolutely no tolerance for missed schedules (site surveys, requirements definitions, design), and not meeting the complex E-Rate requirements


DakotaPro’s ability to successfully navigate the E-Rate process quickly (as a qualified provider) was critical and prevented the school from having to wait until the next application cycle (1 year). In addition to REDUCING the net spend on the schools IT, testing capacity as increased by a factor of four, and reliability/interruption issues during testing, virtually eliminated. The encouragement this gave to teachers and students (test scores were dramatically improved) was palatable, not to mention the immeasurable impact this will ultimately have on students achieving their college objectives.

DakotaPro is a certified E-Rate provider with dozens of examples in engaging this multifaceted process. If you are an E-Rate candidate, the subsidies are more than worth the effort whether you are contemplating simple connectivity or have a tangle of complexity in multiple sites and disconnected legacy systems.

Contact us to let us help you determine how E-rate can help your school, your facility and students. Consulting is complimentary for E-Rate applications.