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Great teams attract great players. There is a reason (not just sunshine) that some of the best technical talent in the country chooses to work for DakotaPro here in Arizona.

Great teams start with leadership. Leadership with extensive, varied, high level, experience AND a proven track record. Just as important, is a drive to develop individuals and teams that eclipse the leader’s personal capability. This is what attracts all the best, at any level, to DakotaPro.

Our culture is to be at the forefront of developing and implementing practical applications of the latest technology. Our engineers are pioneers. Our staff loves the next challenge (new thing) they bring forward for our customers. This is why our clients are never left in the technological desert of obsolescence. We will solve your problem, meet your business challenges, and we have a track record to prove it.

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Bill Bosmeny, DakotaPro President

Bill received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, where he graduated Cum Laude. Bill has worked in a variety of corporations, including Caterpillar Tractor, IBM, and General Electric, where he learned six-sigma quality, manufacturing and process engineering. While at GE, Bill helped build a national sales force, leading an organization of 2,500 representatives and 54 regional offices located around the US. The sales team was built with a strong focus on selling with integrity and understanding business requirements.

Bill started a small Internet company in 1999 that has rapidly grown into the company DakotaPro is today. DakotaPro focuses on improving productivity through technology, Internet connections, & private cloud. They also offer a full suite of voice services for business customers. Bill is known for building a very efficient business platform because he believes that serves the customers best. Bill says, “We need to delight our customers every day with the speed and quality of our service, all while never losing our human touch.” The unique skill Bill brings to the business is to bridge the gap between senior management and technology jargon, enabling business decisions to be aligned with technological solutions.

Bill has been a Tucson resident since 1983 with a brief stint living in Boston. He is very involved in the community and a strong supporter of the local schools. He sat on the board of the Tucson chapter of Amigos de las Américas for many years. Bill is married with 4 children, and 2 grandkids and he sees it as a privilege to live and raise his family in this wonderful Arizona community.

Here are some of the reasons…

Our referral rate is 5 times the industry national average

  • We attract and retain the best talent in the business, here’s proof
  • Computer languages
  • Professional associations
  • Conferences
  • Connectwise certs
  • On line, self study topics
  • Subject matter experts in…
  • Beta Testers and development feed back for these industry software and hardware manufacturers


Our expertise, innovation, and proven technologies integrated in an acclaimed consultative methodology is the most direct path to achieve exactly what you want for your business.