Connectivity Case Study

The performance of our system, over time was seeming to diminish…

We had plenty of bandwidth… it was an internet QUALITY problem!

We had made several attempts to fix our systems performance including fixing what was described as a “speed” problem by our previous Internet vendor by upgrading (at considerable expense) our bandwidth. This resulted in marginal, temporary improvements that we had been living with for months until failures started getting serious.


Even in relatively simple and small computer systems, technical changes inevitably occur. Some are these are self-inflicted, minor changes like 1) replacing old devices (like printers) that are more demanding, 2) wireless upgrades 3) increase demand on WiFi , 4) more applications 5) personal devices and 6)voice applications that are very sensitive to bandwidth quality. Externally the environment is much less stable with more users on the same Internet connection, interference from wireless devices from the business next door, and the increased magnitude of cyber attacks (viruses, malware, ransomware etc). In this particular case, to varying degrees, all of these factors, not significant individually, compiled to create seemingly random and unrelated failures of many types (not unusual).


Conceptually, the multiple attempts to rectify this situation failed because the primary (but subtle) problem was Internet Connectivity QUALITY (not bandwidth/speed). Think of it as trying to tune an engine with bad fuel. There are dozens of things you can do to the engine to fine tune it, but none of them are very effective unless the fuel feeding it is appropriate.


Once DakotPro identified the multiple issues and resolved the connectivity quality (including reducing the cost of the Internet connection), the engineers were able to reuse 90% of the clients existing network equipment, fixed some old cabling trouble spots, and had the client’s system humming with new life.

DakotaPro Connectivity and Network services identified the problem(s) correctly enabling the client to effectively extend the useful life of their system for several years. You can imagine the relief on the owners face when she realized the 5 figure proposal her old technology vendor had given her to replace their “obsolete” system could now be put in the circular file AND her monthly spend on technology was reduced…without having to write a check for anything up front.

Consulting is complimentary for helping you figure out why your Internet experience is not what it should be.