Business Internet

If I believe the advertising, it’s all about more Speed, right?

The connectivity triangle: Bandwidth, Reliability, & Quality

Connectivity (internal and external) is what enables all of the amazing technology functions to work for you. There was a day when an Internet connection was as simple as plugging in an extension cord, but bandwidth consumption (doubling on average EVERY 2 years for the last 10 years), sensitivity to bandwidth quality (voice, video, conferencing, etc applications), the myriad of devices concurrently operating (computers, wifi, printers, wireless, etc.), and inadequate network designs (the traffic cops of your connectivity) have escalated the criticality and sophistication of connectivity to the top of the list.

Much like the project management triangle (Cost, Scope, Schedule) the components of the connectivity triangle are highly interrelated. Bandwidth is generally associated with the “speed” experience, but Quality issues (latency, packet loss, network design, etc.) can ruin performance regardless of bandwidth. Even with that however, reliability holds the trump card. Quite simply, if your connectivity isn’t connected, all bets are off and your critical business tools that rely on internet access are toast. 95% is an “A” by some standards but if that is your monthly internet “uptime” per month, that’s more than 35 hours per month (99%=7.3hrs/mo) of downtime!

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The  DakotaPro Business Connectivity Services

  • Research the best options at your location(s) and then monitor it to make sure it is operating properly.
  • Enable your existing, mission critical technical systems to operate at their optimum with up to “four 9’s” of uptime (99.99%) per month (less than 5 minutes per month of downtime)… if you demand that level of reliability
  • Even if you don’t absolutely have to have 99.99% reliability each month, do you sleep better knowing your DakotaPro team is that good?
  • The exclusive DakotaPro Biz kit, provides unprecedented, automated connectivity redundancy and flexibility on site for even our mid-tier business connectivity services, giving you the flexibility to grow, or quickly adapt to unforeseen needs
  • DakotaPro Connectivity services are reliable because we have multiple internet sources, so if a fiber optic line gets cut, or a telephone pole struck by lightning there are multiple paths that restore your service, often measured in milliseconds.
  • Monitors your connectivity 24/7 (even if you are only open 10 hours a day) with local, real, engineers & technicians.  Problems that occur in off hours identified and most often rectified before you show up for work. 
  • We deploy state-of-the-art equipment, conifgure it so that it functions properly, then monitor and maintain it so that things “just work”.
  • We have no setup or initiation costs, just a monthly service fee for the right level of connectivity to meet your needs, now and in the future.

We do all this, so you can maximize your time to do the things you love to do!

Internet Quality

Most people think it’s all about Quantity. Dirty power might be just fine for that old grinder in your shop, but your new LED lighting won’t work. Many of your business systems need the best quality of internet connectivity to not cause issues in your operations. Consulting and internet connectivity quality testing is complimentary.

Have you added any new devices to your network?

If your connectivity was optimized originally, new devices, wireless, wifi, expansions, etc. may have negatively effected the network. Some fine tuning often has amazing results.

Connectivity Relibility

Technology is great when it works, but often fails at the worst moment (during your videoconference proposal) because you had no idea you were operating at the very edge of your systems limits.

Be at your best for your clients 99.99% of the time!

Your customers need you at your best and that includes your undivided attention. If you are distracted by technology disruptions or on-going issues (connectivity is the #1 issue) …your clients are being negatively impacted.

Reliability = Productivity

DakotaPro Business Class Connectivity may be the simplest thing to positively impact your bottom line.

Do you have enough Internet Speed?

The cost of bandwidth has continued to drop, if you need more, most likely DakotaPro Business Connectivity services can provide more for less than your paying now. We are a HUGE consumer of Internet bandwidth in southern Arizona and therefore have access to bulk pricing that we pass on to our clients.

Most of your existing performance issues may be a connectivity QUALITY issue…

It’s all about Reliability!

Our engineers have designed our Business Connectivity Services to keep you the most productive at running your business by insuring your existing technology connectivity requirements are optimized, and make sure it works when you need it!. DakotaPro will care for of all of your Business connectivity management, maintenance, equipment, and monitoring, so you never have to be on hold for 30 minutes again waiting for Century Link.

Too many technology interruptions affecting your teams productivity?

Are your employees more than a little frustrated about not having the tools they need every day, work like they should?

Is the quality of your connectivity sufficient? Do you have the hard data to say so one way or another?

On the verge of buying/upgrading a piece of technology hardware?

DakotaPro can help you evaluate your options, including evaluating your current connectivity to see if it is still appropriate for your current uses, and maybe even reduce your overall costs…our consulting is complimentary.