Outbound Filtering

While inbound email threats receive the bulk of attention from network administrators, outbound email can cause tremendous problems for organizations. Almost unheard of a few years ago, outbound scanning is a requirement for any business user today.

The problem is NOT that business employees have suddenly become spammers. Rather, their computers have been infected with malware, turning their computers into silent spamming machines throughout the day and night. These infected machines, often part of a coordinated botnet, can send millions pieces of spam in a short amount of time. The spammers are smart – they don’t want to get caught, so they use your business computers to make sure they don’t get caught.

It is estimated that 30% of computers worldwide have some level of infection. Why should you care? There is the rather large and obvious concern of business computers sending out your confidential data – it could be credit card information, customer data or anything stored on the infected computer.  Your company’s confidential information is very much at risk.  See our Managed Security Service for more details.

From an email perspective, if the infected computer is controlled by a SPAMMER, millions of pieces of SPAM will be sent, often without the user’s knowledge.  The domain and IP address of the sending computers become “known” on the Internet as sending SPAM.  Reputation-based systems will “blacklist” your domain and/or IP address.  Suddenly your users find they can’t send emails to familiar recipients because their mail server rejects your messages. These “blacklist” events can last indefinately and cost your business in frustrated vendors, employees and customers, let alone lost sales opportunities.

Stopping this problem requires a multiple-tiered approach.  DakotaPro.biz has the answer. Let us help you secure your outbound email and protect your business’ reputation!

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