SpamGuard Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Queue email for up to 96 hours. We provide redundancy for your email server. If your mail server goes down, SPAMGuard will store inbound email for up to 96 hours. When your server comes back online, email is released in an orderly fashion to prevent overloading your server. This service can be used to perform scheduled maintenance as well as protect your business from outages.
Zero Administration SPAMGuard is easy-to-use and self-configuring. There is absolutely nothing to install, upgrade, or maintain. And your existing mail user agents, such as Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Messenger, continue to send and receive mail without any changes.User accounts are automatically managed based on the mail server delivered to.  When you add/change/delete an acct on the mail server, you will have already configured Spam Guard!
Inbound AND Outbound Filtering SPAMGuard takes care of your inbound email, filtering out the 98% of unwanted email and delivering just want you want.  We also filter Outbound email so that your company’s reputation on the Internet is not degraded by being reported to blacklists for sending SPAM from infected computers.
Multi-Layer Protection from One Service Filters viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, and Trojans. We also help protect your network systems from overwhelming attacks such as denial of service and directory harvest attacks.
Zero Tolerance for False Positives SPAMGuard’s proven technology tracks evolving SPAM campaigns in real-time with near-zero false-positive rates while achieving block rates over 98%.
Email Behavioral Profiling SPAMGuard analyzes email’s behavioral to further determine whether a message is legitimate mail or SPAM. Simply put, if email has the intent to deceive, defraud, or otherwise misrepresent itself, it is eliminated.
Unique SPAM Filtering Technology SPAMGuard does not use unreliable heuristics, DNS blacklists, or Bayesian filters to identify SPAM. Instead, it investigates email messages, applying uniform standards before crafting the precise rules that block just the SPAM, not your important email correspondence.
Fail-safe operation If your system goes down due to overwhelming attacks, power failure or other network issues, email protection is automatically re-directed to our back-up servers so you get uninterrupted protection and security.
Perimeter Defense System SPAMGuard acts as a perimeter defense in front of your email server. We take and screen the emails before they get to you. This protects you and ensures that no malicious content corrupts your servers.
Human in the Loop At SPAMGuard, we utilize the skill of email experts in addition to our cutting-edge technology. We feel that the addition of human intelligence is one of the best ways to beat SPAMmers at their own game. When SPAMmers adopt a new technique, SPAMGuard is able to accurately and rapidly adapt.
Email Policy Management at Your Fingertips Normally there is no need to administer your SPAM settings, but when you first signup, you may wish to visit your web dashboard to set your email policy to match your internal email policy or personal preferences.
Web Dashboard The SPAMGuard Dashboard provides administrators and mailbox users with an easy to use console for managing the SPAMGuard service.
SPAM Digest A SPAM Digest is an emailed version of the Quarantine page that allows each mailbox owner to review and release SPAM on a regular, user-selectable basis.

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