MSS Features

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

The DakotaPro Managed Security Service integrates Check Point’s industry leading INSPECT Stateful Inspection firewall technology and SmartDefense Intrusion Prevention, able to examine hundreds of predefined applications, protocols, and services. Check Point Application Intelligence™ technology allows the security appliance to block denial of service (DoS) attacks, detect protocol anomalies, limit application ability to carry malicious data, and control application-layer-operations. These mechanisms aid proper usage of Internet resources, such as instant messaging, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and allow you to block questionable traffic and ensure that your bandwidth is used in the most efficient and secure way possible. Port-based and tag-based VLANs can be defined, enabling the creation of multiple isolated network zones. For added internal security you can enable 802.1x port-based security. In this configuration, Safe@Office can require both LAN and WLAN users to securely sign-on before they gain physical access to the network. Unauthenticated users can be automatically moved to a “quarantine” area, providing a restricted “guest user” access level.

Gateway Antivirus

Stop viruses before they reach your network. Stateful inspection antivirus blocks viruses before they enter the network, providing preemptive protection to your network. The antivirus policy setup provides a simple and quick way to define precisely which type of traffic should be scanned. By using the gateway streaming antivirus in parallel with desktop antivirus, you can ensure protection against zero-hour virus outbreaks and provide an additional security layer against new viruses in the wild. Virus pattern files are updated automatically, 24 hours a day to ensure constant protection. Virus updates come standard in both the Guardian Pro and Guardian Advantage Managed Security Services.

Web Content Filtering

Inappropriate Web surfing can introduce security threats into your organization, as well as add risk from increased legal liability and lost productivity. DakotaPro Managed Security Service integrates best-of-breed Web filtering based on an extensive database of 58 categories and associated URLs. This enables you define an acceptable web-access policy for your organization and protect it from threats such as spyware and viruses, as well as new risks from inappropriate web content. Additionally, you can define custom web-rules to block or allow access to specific websites and URLs. Web content filtering is an optional, affordable service available as part of the DakotaPro Managed Security Service.

Wi-Fi Networking and Hot Spot Control

Secure wireless networking is supported. An integrated wireless LAN access point, supporting the Super-G standard that enables reaching wireless network speeds of up to 108 Mbps and is backward compatible with the older 802.11b and 802.11g technologies. With XR (Extended Range) enabled clients, you achieve up to three times the range of a standard access point. You can segment your wireless network into multiple virtual access points, each of which can have a different security policy and encryption settings. The security appliance authenticates remote user identities using a variety of authentication standards including the latest WPA2, ensuring that only authorized individuals have network access. The security appliance has built-in WPA Enterprise support which allows each wireless user to use a different password for authentication, and is therefore considered to provide a superior level of security compared to other wireless authentication methods that use a single password for all wireless stations. A built‐in EAP (Extended Authentication Protocol) authenticator, enables you to use WPA Enterprise and 802.1x access control, without any need for an external RADIUS server.

Using proven IPSec VPN technology to encrypt wireless communication, you can ensure that data cannot be viewed or corrupted during transmission. In addition, you can easily set up wireless hot-spots for your guests and control access with a customizable Web-based access portal and user authentication.

Access Your Office Network Anytime, Anyplace

DakotaPro Managed Security Service integrates VPN and remote desktop capabilities allowing secure remote access to your network, so you can increase productivity and ensure business continuity without compromising your network security. The security appliance authenticates remote user identities to ensure that only authorized users have network access and encrypts communications to ensure complete confidentiality.

Using the bundled VPN-1® SecuRemote™ VPN client or the built-in Windows L2TP IPSec VPN client on their laptops or PDAs, teleworkers and road-warriors can securely access email and other resources. In addition, by using Remote Desktop capability, you can remotely control computers in your network directly from your web browser. With site-to-site VPN capabilities, your business offices can be interconnected with permanent, highly secure tunnels.

Weekly Security Reports

MSS subscribers receive weekly security reports via email that show the effectiveness of the security appliance. Reports detailing blocked attacks, attack frequency and type, virus prevention activity and much more, are a visual reminder that the service is protecting your network 24 x 7 from unseen Internet threats.

Extensive Networking and Traffic Management Capabilities

More than just a firewall, the DakotaPro Managed Security Service provides a fully managed network router, including a four port LAN switch, dedicated DMZ, a WAN port (Ethernet or optional ADSL). Static and dynamic routing options are available for complete interoperability with even the most complex networks. The security appliance supports QoS capabilities and has support for VOIP and SIP traffic.

Up-to-Date Security – without Any Hassle

For effective protection against new and evolving threats, your network’s security must be kept up to date. The DakotaPro Managed Security Service automatically provides software and antivirus updates, along with web-filtering services, periodic security reports (providing in-depth information on traffic, firewall activity, antivirus activity and more) and dynamic DNS services.


Keeping your network up and running 24×7 is critical to many businesses. DakotaPro Managed Security Service includes a multitude of high-availability and connectivity redundancy features backed by our award-winning 24×7 local support. DakotaPro MSS reduces down-time and ensures that your security and network keep pace with business critical applications. Redundant connectivity and WAN redundancy and load balancing ensure persistent connectivity and service availability. Primary and secondary Internet connections are supported so that if the primary broadband connection is not available, the appliance will switch to its backup Internet connection automatically ensuring the highest levels of network uptime. In the event of a network outage, trained DakotaPro Security Specialists are just a phone call away 24 hours a day.


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