Feature complete yet easy to use, DakotaPro.biz WebMail provides feature rich Web 2.0 web-based access to email, [personal calendar, personal contacts, without the usual configuration hassle. Thanks to advanced technologies and application-like look and feel, Pro suggests it was born to become the ultimate replacement of Outlook and similar desktop mail clients.

Great for workers on the move, easy to maintain desktops, fast and low cost deployment.

General Webmail Features

  • Multi-lingual  
  • Auto login
  • Password recovery
  • Automatic timezone adjustment
  • 100% IMAP compatible
  • ASpell spell checker
  • Full-text search: contacts, calendars, email
  • Auto save to Drafts
  • Auto check for new messages with sound
  • Auto empty trash on exit
  • Save All attachments to Zip
  • Drag & drop for all objects
  • Unlimited subfolders in folder tree
  • Responsive interface


WebMail utilizes a server database backend as a highly effective cache to decrease response time, while engaging special techniques on the client end to transfer processing load from server to client. The speed is comparable to desktop email clients even for thousands of messages and slow connections.. Client application is downloaded only once, then there is no more waiting for a screen refresh- AJAX technology simply takes care of the rest.

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