Email Architecture

Our Carrier-class Business Email engine is based on over 9 years of experience in the Internet email business. Over the years, we’ve learned that the most important feature of email is reliability. Email is such an integral part of today’s business environment, that most businesses can’t imagine doing business without it.

We have designed our email delivery system to be extremely robust and reliable. Below you will see a conceptual chart of our clustered, scalable architecture. As we add load, we simply scale our infrastructure so that our users never see any degradation in performance.

Our commitment is that we will always have N+1 servers on-line to provide full service. Should any server fail, the remaining ones will completely handle the load, while we get any needed repairs completed.

Now that’s service!


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email_architecture.jpg Illustration of DakotaPro Email service architecture 2012-03-04 87.1 KB

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