Majuda Call Recording

DakotaPro has conducted extensive research in the call recording marketplace.  Traditional systems suffer from being very proprietary and very expensive.  Even worse, the speed of development on new features is slow or non-existent.  Newer IP-based recording systems offer many advantages.  Since they are newer, they are often much more modern – which makes them easier to use.  They can work with a variety of phone systems, so if you find yourself upgrading your phone system, you can typically continue to use an existing IP-based call recording solution.  Of all of the IP-based systems available, DakotaPro has chosen Majuda as the premier solution in call recording.  Their platform is extremely well-supported, offers numerous additional features, and is very economically priced!

Why Majuda Call Recording?

Majuda VoiceMajuda Voice has been developed using the very latest best-of-breed technology in order to securely record, retrieve and play back all of your incoming and outgoing communications. Majuda’s enterprise call recording and quality management solution provides adherence to state and federally mandated regulations while continuously increasing customer satisfaction, optimizing your workforce, and raising your bottom line.

Majuda Corporation is embracing the future by deploying solutions on web-based technologies such as the powerful Microsoft Silverlight platform. There are countless voice recording applications out there but our customers deserve the very best interactive experience and we have delivered, with an industry leading graphical user interface that is unmatched by any competitor.

Majuda is also the first call recording company to implement a proprietary remote site monitoring application, namely MajudaAlert. This is a complete proactive site monitoring solution – making sure that our technicians can always leverage the best available tools to assist and support our customers from any location worldwide, 24/7.

Majuda knows that you require a return on your investment, and by implementing our complete Quality Assurance solution within your organization; growth and stability are now true possibilities. Also, with the addition of desktop screen capture and agent note taking capabilities, you now have more opportunities to resolve costly disputes, increase employee efficiency, improve customer retention and direct overall performance inline with your business goals. The Majuda Voice Suite offers a well rounded and cost effective solution for contact centers, financial companies, healthcare providers and many more…

Majuda is proud to offer VoIP, digital, analog and blended recording solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership. With Majuda, there is no need to worry about hidden fees, costly professional services or exorbitant service level agreements. Majuda makes it simple and most importantly affordable!

We can implement a call recording system that will typically work with your existing system, or we can help design and implement a new phone system at the same time!

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