Majuda Call Recording Features

I need to securely record & playback my phone calls

Implementing a call recording solution within your organization is not always enough to provide the legal compliance that is necessary to operate within the bounds of constantly changing regulatory landscape.

There are critical security features that need to be enabled within your call recorder in order to give you the highest levels of protection.

These features are:

  • End-to-end encryption: All recorded phone conversations must be encrypted with a 256 bit algorithm from the time the phone is picked up and the call recorded, all the way through to call retrieval and most importantly storage. Regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and similar all require this high level of security.
  • Granular Security Roles: A call recording system must have multiple security profiles in place in order to protect not only a customer’s information from being accessed by a third party but also any and all sensitive voice information that is passed through the system. Majuda offers over 6 security profiles to make sure that access to recordings are restricted according to corporate security rules.

Majuda Voice incorporates all the necessary security criteria to help make your business safe, secure and compliant.


I need to Improve the quality of my agents performance

Customer service agents are often on the front line of your customer interactions. The quality of an agent’s performance can affect your business image in a very positive way but also in a negative way.

In order to be successful, companies must constantly have their finger on the pulse of their customer service operations. They must be aware:

  • How employees sound and present themselves on the phone
  • How agents respond to difficult customers
  • If agents are missing obvious business opportunities
  • If agents are address customer concerns correctly and in the companies best interests.

The Majuda Voice Suite empowers your business with all the necessary tools to be able to constantly monitor and improve agent performance by:

  • Allowing supervisors to perform customized evaluations on their agents
  • Allowing automatic distribution of calls flagged for quality control to the relevant supervisor
  • Monitoring agent desktop activity
  • Enabling note capture functionality in order to correctly notate an agent’s performance directly to the call.
  • Providing enhanced out-of-the-box reporting templates n order to effectively understand an agent’s ability compared to the rest of the group or another agent.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of specific agents or agent groups and using this information to correctly coach and train employees.


I need tools to reduce my liability & risk exposure

Implementing a secure call recording solution is a great first step in mitigating risk and reducing your organizations exposure to liability suits. The constantly changing regulatory compliance environment has made it even more important to keep impeccable call records.

There are many instances when having a verifiable call recording can save your company’s image and reduce legal costs associated with “he said, she said” disputes and compliance issues.

Majuda CallTracker empowers you with tools to:

  • Keep secure records of all voice communication
  • Quickly and effectively retrieve past calls
  • Email call recordings
  • Reduce the risk of reputation damage
  • Notate call recordings with key information regarding the call
  • Minimize exposure to disputes


I need to increase the effectiveness of my Agent Training Programs

Implementing effective agent training programs is essential for any contact center and can make or break your customer service operations. A well-trained agent instills confidence and respect in your customer base and ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction levels and an improved bottom line. In order to achieve the best agent training results, businesses must ensure that they are aligning their customer service goals alongside those of their contact center operations. A business must have the tools to consistently and accurately measure agent’s performance and provide all necessary training and coaching aids.

We at Majuda have been working together with our clients over the past 10 years to bring you the best resources to effectively train your agents and put together the best possible customer service teams.

Majuda Corporation and the Majuda Voice Suite

  • Bring years of Agent Training experience to your doorstep
  • Helps you identify agent training needs and criteria
  • Aids in detection of inefficient organizational policies and business processes
  • Provides all necessary tools such as customizable evaluation forms and enhanced reporting to help you get the most out of your agent training programs

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