Allworx Phone Features

Sophisticated system keeps you connected to customers

Unlike many competing VOIP systems, Allworx® gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Allworx systems support both analog and VoIP phones — in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you’re implementing the solution at your own pace, without compromising.

How do you decide whether to stay with analog or switch to VoIP? DakotaPro can help you determine which phone is right for you.

User features:

  • 3-way calling
    Each Allworx phone on the network can support its own three-way call
  • Auto attendant that’s customizable
    Allworx comes complete with up to nine programmable auto attendants that ensures your calls are answered — and handled in a timely, professional manner. Callers hear a custom greeting that you record, and can dial by name, by extension, or from the company directory. Of course, they can always reach an operator or designated staff person.
  • Call report log with details
    It’s easy for you to access and analyze call data. With a few clicks, you can see details of every call — including the caller, time, length, and the total number of calls
  • Call routing
    With seven customizable routing options, your call routes can match your presence management settings (e.g., “Out of Office,” “In a Meeting”). Just use a simple drop-down menu or your phone to direct your calls any way you choose. This ensures that your customers and employees can find you when they need to.
  • Presence management
    This unique feature allows you to manage both people and communications! Each user can program the system to respond to their current situation (in office, on vacation, at home) in a different way. You may want to send calls directly to voicemail when you’re away from the office, to another extension when you’re in a meeting, or to a cell phone when you’re working from home.
  • Voicemail with virtually unlimited storage
    Voicemail is a breeze with Allworx. It’s easy to learn and use. The 48x has mirrored 40 GB hard drives so each user can store as much as one or one and a half hours of voicemail (you can determine how much to allot to each employee).  Up to 16 callers can access voicemail at the same time, compared to four on most popular phone systems. The 6x comes with a compact flash card so that each user can store as much as 2 hours of voicemail per person based on a 12 user site. A 2GB flash card can increase storage on the 6X up to 4 hours per employee. Up to 8 callers can access voicemail at the same time with the 6x. Allworx voicemail simplifies your messaging tasks, streamlines call management and response time, increases customer care, and improves overall communications.

Remote offices features:

  • Site-to-site and remote user support
    If you have two office locations, you can connect two Allworx systems directly to work as one system making it easy for customers, who can call one central number to reach employees in either location. Because the systems work as one system over the Internet, when you transfer or access calls from site to site, you eliminate long distance charges. And with an Allworx phone, remote users can simply plug in their phones to the Internet and connect seamlessly to the main office.

PBX and key system features:

  • CO line support
    The Allworx natively supports up to six Central Office (CO) lines for the 6x, and three for the48x. You also have the option of adding lines.
  • Fax support
    You can connect your fax machine directly to the Allworx unit and create a dedicated fax line. For added flexibility, that line is automatically used for outgoing calls when it is not faxing.
  • PBX and Key system features
    You can mix and match your favorite features from both PBX and Key systems. High—end functions include call forwarding options, call hunt, and call waiting, and everything in between. It supports multiple-line phones, and is password protected for security and easy management.
  • Phone support for users and extensions
    The Allworx system provides flexible configuration options — the Allworx 48x supports up to 250 users with analog or VoIP phones, in any combination and 250 extensions. The Allworx 6x supports up to 60 users and 60 extensions. These users have full access to system features like unified messaging and calendars and each user gets their own extension.
  • Unified messaging
    Allworx simplifies voicemail and email communications. You can review, retrieve and respond to all your messages — voicemail, email, and meeting requests — from a single Inbox or phone call. The system is compatible with any POP3 email program, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. You can also simply have your voicemails sent to you as .wav file attachments that you can listen to on your PC or smartphone.

Phone company features:

  • Dialing plan options
    When employees make calls, Allworx can look at the number being dialed and route the call through the lowest—cost option (e.g., your long—distance carrier or VoIP service provider). It’s programmed to save you money — automatically!
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
    This function allows extensions to be used as direct phone numbers, and can give your system the appearance of being a much larger one. With DID, customers dial a number that appears to be a direct line (555-1234) and sent to your main exchange (555-1000), the digits 1234 are transmitted to Allworx then routed to that extension. This gives the impression of hundreds of direct dial lines, when in fact, you only have a few CO lines that route those calls.
  • VoIP Capability
    Send voice calls digitally over WAN or LANs automatically — regardless of whether you’re using analog or VoIP phones. The Allworx system digitizes it all, so you’ll save on long distance charges, enjoy a clear, reliable connection, and experience all the tremendous benefits of VoIP.


Better communication means stronger customer links. Upgrading your phone system to Allworx improves customer service and staff productivity. With its fully featured PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Key systems, your communications are high—quality, reliable, and professional. You’ll never miss a call or message again!

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