Fax Pro Plan

The DakotaFax Pro Plan is most suited to businesses with multiple employees and one to one hundred fax machines. The service is a cost-effective and attractive alternative to purchasing and operating an in-house fax server for multiple employees at a headquarters location or across multiple branch offices. Users have several options for sending and receiving faxes over the enterprise’s broadband Internet connection.

Key Features and Benefits of DakotaFax Pro

Local Phone Number Your fax service will have a dedicated local phone number for incoming faxes.
Port Existing Number If you have an existing fax number, already printed on your business marketing materials, you don’t have to change!  We’ll transfer (port) your existing number to our system.
Toll Free Numbers If you’d like, we can add a toll free number to your account, making it that much easier for your customers to communicate with you without long distance charges
Web-based Fax Management Portal Allows you to securely log in via any web browser to your personal fax management area.  Here you can:
  • Send a new fax
  • View archive of any incoming faxes (storage up to 1 year)
  • Forward, resend or print any fax in your account.
  • Set up personal preferences like which email or SMS your notifications will be sent to
  • And more
Delivery Confirmation Based on your personal configuration, we can send you an email or SMS text message with send confirmation.
Electronic Document Rendering This allows you to send native files on your computer directly through our fax service to any fax machine in the world.
Fax from Fax Bridge While people appreciate the flexibility of sending faxes from their computers, the reality is that documents must be signed, annotated, etc and then faxed.  Scanning back into a computer is tedious and cumbersome.  A Fax Bridge allows you use your existing fax machine to easily send documents, just like you already do.
Multi-User Accounts Create, modify and delete your own user accounts using your administrative login. Allows you to easily configure and manage your own user accounts inclusing assigning individual DID numbers.
Account Codes* Individual account codes can easily be added so you have total accounting visibility of who is using your service.  These account codes will be the same as those on our long distance service, making them easy to implement.
Go Green! Managing faxes digitally saves time, trees, ink and paper supply costs
Scalable Our fax solutions easily scale from individual users to businesses with thousands of workers
Fax Security Our fax solutions offer secure encryption alternatives to traditional fax machines; by using SSL transmission, the faxes you send are securely transmitted to our DakotaFax server for distribution.
Fax Privacy No more confidential faxes sitting on the fax machine; electronic storage means only those you give access to will access to your faxes
Storage Never lose a fax again. Store your faxes for up to 1 year.
Contacts Manage all of your fax contacts in your personal web portal
Works with Any Fax Machine We support every fax machine, no matter how old. Modernize your operation without having to replace your equipment.
Add Cover Pages Personalize your faxes. Include your logo.
Auto Resend Ever frustrated that a receiving fax won’t go through?  Our service will attempt a re-delivery up to 8 times.
Schedule Delivery Send faxes instantly or at a scheduled date and time.
Time of Dsy Routing You are in control.  Want faxes delivered to your fax machine during business hours, but to your email after hours?  No problem.  You simply set our service to be the way YOU want to work.
24/7 Support World-class customer support by phone and email is free to all DakotaPro Fax customers.

For additional information on how the DakotaFax Pro plan works, see our DakotaFax Downloads page.


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