Fax Definitions

Call Subscriber ID. A data field in a fax transmission that identifies the calling party. It can be entered at the fax machine or via the web portal. The CSID can be used by the receiving system to identify and route faxes to the appropriate workgroups and individuals.
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a service that provides a block of telephone numbers for calling into a company’s telephone system. Using DID, DakotaPro can offer its customers individual phone numbers for each person to receive faxes without requiring a physical line for each connection.
Fax Bridge
DakotaPro provides a┬ásmall device about the size of a pack of cards that serves as an “adapter” to your existing fax machine. It converts the telephone line of the fax machine into an ethernet connection that plugs into your Local Area Network (LAN). Faxes from the fax machine are converted into image files and transferred using the secure HTTPS protocol over the Internet to the DakotaPro fax server where they are then delivered to their final destination using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
DakotaFax Server
The DakotaFax server is a computer system that allows multiple users who are connected to the Internet to send and receive fax messages. Fax messages are stored as printable PDF files on the server.
Local Number
The phone number with a local area code. Many companies have clientele that prefer to deal with businesses in their own locale. Using a local number as your primary fax number says you are part of the local community.
Local Number Portability (LNP) is the process that enables you to change your telecommunication service provider, but keep your phone number. The process of “porting” a number moves the number from one telecomunications provider to another. DakotaPro can port your existing fax number to the paperless fax service.
Public Switched Telephone Network. The generic term for the domestic public telephone network, which is traditionally a public utility providing a circuit-switched network optimized for voice communications.
Toll Free Number
Telephone numbers in which the calling party is not charged for the call by the telephone operator. Instead the called party pays all of the charges. These numbers can start with 800, 866, 877 or 888.

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