Real Estate Sales

In today’s economy, Real Estate Sales companies are striving to provide the most value to their agents.  DakotaPro has extensive experience in servicing this industry:

  • Robust Phone Services: If your agents move between offices frequently, let DakotaPro design your phone services to make it easier for them to get their calls and sell more real estate.
  • Dynamic Phone Routing: Real Estate agents never want to miss a call.  The old model was to give out a business card with every possible number you could call to find your agent.  However, this model puts the responsibility on the customer to find the Agent.  Today’s model puts the responsibility on technology.  Give your Customers one number, then let a DakotaPro system call a pre-determined call tree until you are found.  It even lets calls be auto-routed to the Agent’s assistant when needed.  Agents love this feature because received calls means they do more business.
  • Paperless Faxing: Real Estate agents still do a LOT of faxing.  While this won’t change anytime soon, there are better ways to get this done.  Inbound AND Outbound faxes can be converted to an email attachment.  Inbound faxes can send SMS text messages to cellphones announcing their arrival.  Faxes can be archived in a portal for a year for archival retrieval.

The Internet and Voice Services you provide your agents all affect how competative you are in the industry.  DakotaPro has designed and implemented Internet solutions for some of the largest Real Estate Sales companies in Southern Arizona.  Let us help you turn your Internet Services into a an experience that your agents expect.

Contact us now so we can help ensure your Internet Services are a reason for agents to join you, not look elsewhere for the support they need!

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