At DakotaPro, we understand your industry is all about service…. so is ours!  Not only can we help with “core” services to your business, we can also help with your Guest Experience.  We have designed custom solutions that address the uniquie needs of the Hospitality industry:

  • Reliable, Redundant services: while a single DakotaPro connection is very reliable, some things can happen outside of our control (cable cuts, damage, etc).  We can design redundant solutions to ensure your guests always have a very positive experience with no downtime.  We can also provide the voice services to your facility so that they also benefit from the redundant connection.
  • Scalable Solutions: you know your industry is very dynamic. What you need tomorrow may be very different than what you need today.  Your customers expect you to be flexible.  Now you can be!  Have a convention request that requires a 20 Meg Internet connection for their meetings?  Your answer probably used to be “No”, that is not possible. With DakotaPro’s scaleable hospitality solutions, now you can say “Yes, of course we can do that!”.  A very popular feature of this service has been that set it up so the maximum speed at your site scales when you need it, but not all the time.  This keeps your costs much more affordable while still offering blazing fast services to your guests when it is needed.  We also can scale our voice services the same way.  If you need 25 more phones lines for your Customer’s special use for 4 hours, a day, or a week, we can do it for you
  • Guest Room Wireless: Customer’s expectations keep changing.  A few years ago, a simple Ethernet connection in a room was a “luxury”.  Now, Customer’s want high-speed wireless service in every corner of their guest room.  The perception of “high-speed” is also changing.  While downloading email and surfing the web was common use 3 years ago, usage has evolved significantly.  Customers now expect to be able to watch streaming video (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) on their laptop computers, iPads and smartphones.  DakotaPro can design and implement a state-of-the-art Guest Wireless solution that will be fast today AND tomorrow.
  • Guest Support: Many of your guests will be “night owls” and need support late at night.  The old choices were for your front desk staff to attempt to help, or perhaps for your customers to call a National help center that has been all-too-often outsourced overseas.  DakotaPro specializes in providing the level of services your guests need, spoken in clear English.  Our 24/7/365 support team will simply delight delight your guests with service.
  • Integration with your Payment Management System (PMS): Most hospitatlity properties already have a PMS system that you run your business with.  Your Guest Internet solution cannot be a “standalone” system.  Rather, it needs to integrate with your PMS so that you can offer seamless billing options to your customers.  Perhaps you wish to give a “free” access option of limited speeds, then offer to let your Guests “buy up” to faster speeds.  What could be easier than having the Guest login system automatically bill these fees to their room bill?  Or perhaps your property is hosting a large convention that you have offered premium Internet services to as part of their package.  You need a system that can automatically give the right people the premium experience they expect, while continuing your standard billing practices to your other Guests.  DakotaPro can design your system to be as flexible, with as many payment options as you need.
  • Managed Service: Have you heard the following complaint at your property regarding your existing Internet services?  “Sometimes the speed is fast, but when everyone gets on, it really bogs down”.  This experience is one we frequently hear about.  It is generally caused one or both problems:
  1. Not having enough overall speed for your facility’s needs.  The speed of the Internet connection you have at your facility is probably very low compared to today’s expectations.
  2. Unmanaged Services.  What this means is that a single user can be hogging the available bandwidth, denying other Guest’s their fair use.  At DakotaPro, we’ve found that each user should have an excellent experience and that what one guest does should NEVER affect the experience of another.  With Managed services, DakotaPro ensures this never occurs and Guests use their “fair share” of Internet speeds, but nothing more.

The Internet Services you provide your employees, guests and conference attendees all affect the perception of quality at your faciitity.  DakotaPro has designed and implemented Internet solutions for some of the largest properties in Southern Arizona.  Let us help you turn your Internet Services into a an experience that your Guests expect.

Contact us now so we can help ensure your Internet Services are a reason to stay at your property!

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