Domain Renewals

We manage Domain Renewals for most of our customers.  The reason is that although it may seem like a little thing, letting a domain lapse can be a major event for your business.

When a domain lapses, it goes into what is called a “redemption period”.  During this period, your domain will no longer function, meaning that E-mail will no longer be delivered and Customers will not be able to find your website.  The good news is that no other entity can gain control of your domain during this period.  However, the bad news is that some registrars charge up to $250 to release a domain from “redemption”.  If this happens to you, you can either:

  • Wait for the redemption period to expire (typically 30 – 90 days) and renew the domain at regular rates… (remember, while you are waiting, you will not be able to use the domain, so effectively this isn’t an option for most companies)… or
  • Pay the redemption fee and also pay for renewal at regular rates.

Don’t let this happen to you!  When DakotaPro manages your domain renewals, we automatically renew your domains until you tell us to stop.  That way, accidents won’t happen and your business will continue to enjoy uninterrupted services!

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