SIP Trunks

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is the de-facto signaling standard for real time communications including Voice-over-IP (VoIP). SIP is an open standard which allows the carrier voice network to interoperate seamlessly with customer premise equipment. The logical voice channel established between them is a SIP Trunk.

One SIP trunk = One Simultaneous Voice Conversation

SIP Trunking vs. PRIs

Businesses are wasting enormous amounts of time and money with legacy PRI systems. SIP Trunking is the next-generation communication platform that gives businesses the ability to SCALE their voice solution gradually to meet their individual business needs, SIMPLIFY the administration of their network by reducing providers, and SAVE money by right-sizing their bloated telecom budget.

Stop wasting money with PRI lines and start saving with SIP trunks.  There are five things you should know when considering telephone service for your company:

1.  Call Capacity

How many lines do you need for your business? As a general rule, most businesses only need to reserve enough phone lines for 1/3 of their full time employees. This means that a company with 99 employees would need about 33 phone lines. This is because not everyone uses the phone at the same time. Companies that run call centers will usually require a higher ratio of phone lines to employees but rarely does a business require one reserved phone line per employee.

2. PRI Facts

PRI lines, in the past, were a better choice than traditional analog telephone lines because PRIs offer digital voice which has better call quality, faster call completion and the ability to deliver enhanced calling features such as Direct Inward Dial (DID), Caller-ID and other enhanced calling features. One PRI = 23 telephone lines. A PRI line is only delivered in sets of 23 telephone lines. So in our example above, if you are a business with 99 employees and need only 33 telephone lines, then you have to buy two full PRIs (46 lines) because PRIs only come in 23 line increments. That’s a waste of money and additional phone lines. With SIP trunking, you buy 12 if you need 12, 30 if you need 30.

3. Bandwidth Utilization

Most businesses have excess capacity on their current Internet connection due to the bursty nature of Internet traffic. This bandwidth can be used to run some or all of your voice traffic with SIP trunking. Bandwidth can be dynamically allocated between voice and data with SIP Trunks, helping you to get the most efficiency. With DakotaPro’s Line Maximizer™ feature, the overhead of voice traffic is reduced by more than 60% while preserving voice quality. This means that you can make up to 40 concurrent calls on a single T1 line while sharing the connection with Internet traffic.

4. Reduced Hassle

Let’s face it. Dealing with the phone company is not a lot of fun. Dealing with multiple phone companies to get local phone service, long distance and Internet is about as much fun as getting a root canal. With DakotaPro’s Converged Access Service and Sip Trunking, we make it easy for you to only have to deal with one local carrier, one bill, one point of contact for all your telecom needs.

5. Advanced Features

SIP Trunks have many new advanced features over regular phone lines. One example is Caller-ID Pass-Through. Have you ever received a call to your office and had that call forwarded to your cell phone? You probably noticed that the Caller-ID was from the office and not from the original caller. If you just missed the call and they didn’t bother to leave a message, you may never know who the caller was. Was it a hot sales prospect returning your call, a strategic business partner or maybe an important client? You may never know. Not so with DakotaPro SIP Trunk Service. Using Allworx IP-based phone equipment and DakotaPro SIP Trunk Service you can see the original Caller-ID when the call is forwarded to your cell phone. Now you don’t have to guess if its really just the office calling or somebody else……. This is just one example of a variety of exciting new telephone features made possible with DakotaPro SIP Trunk Service.

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