PBX On-Demand

PBX stands for private branch exchange, and refers to the telephony switchboard equipment where an incoming phone call from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can be routed to different extensions at a business. Normally this equipment is located at the customer premise, in a back room or phone closet. The equipment consists of a “control” box, connected by wiring to phones on the desktop.

Modern technology has eliminated the need for the “control” box at the customer premise. New advances in central office switching can now provide all of the intelligence, call routing and features with only desk phones at the customer premise. These features include advanced call routing, voicemail, auto attendant, custom greetings, music on hold, call park, hold and transfer, conferencing services, call center groups, find-me follow-me, remote handsets, unified messaging and much more.


Since all of the features of the PBX system are provided by DakotaPro’s central office switch, the high up front cost and complexity of the “control” box is eliminated. Our carrier class softswitch can support more than ten thousand desk phones and thousands of incoming and outgoing lines. There’s virtually no limit to the scalability of our system.

There’s also never an upgrade cost for changing hardware that becomes outdated. Unlike traditional PBX systems which can be very expensive, DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service makes advanced business technology available for even small businesses for a monthly service fee. Why buy an expensive PBX system that is going to be outdated in as little as 5 years? Traditional PBX systems depreciate almost 70% the day you install them. Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, DakoaPro PBX On-demand Service delivers the best in telephone system technology without the high cost of buying telephone equipment.

DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service provides your business with the latest features and equipment, for a fraction of the purchase price of traditional PBX systems. The main advantage of getting DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service as opposed to purchasing your own system, is that you will not have to purchase any hardware or software for the system. In other words, your business will save money on up-front setup costs and support costs such as system maintenance, hardware and software upgrades and moves, adds and changes (MACs). With DakotaPro PBX On-Demand Service, your business will always have the latest phone equipment without incurring capital depreciation costs. Your only ongoing expense will be our monthly service fee.

In addition to enjoying advanced features like advanced call routing (to any phone), distributed administration capabilities and better call capacity handling, DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service will enable your business to scale more effectively. With a hosted PBX system, your business will be able to tap into the latest call features as your business grows. Additionally, DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service provides a high level of fault tolerance, making for a more robust telephone infrastructure at a relatively low cost. Our system has been engineered for 99.999% uptime – that’s 5 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year!

System administration is performed through an easy to use web-based portal that allows you to easily add and delete users, change passwords as well as administer your auto-attendant recorded messages and adjust other system settings.

DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service is not limited to a specific number of lines or concurrent calls, whereas in-house PBX systems are. With traditional PBX systems, if you are operating under normal call capacity, you may be wasting money on extra capacity; if your call volume is over your normal capacity, you will lose customers to busy signals. DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service completely eliminates the need to worry about capacity, since our hosted service can flex to your business demands; ultimately, you pay only for what you use. No more waiting for days or weeks for the phone company to add more lines or being held hostage by your PBX vendor in order to make moves, adds or changes to your existing system. DakotaPro PBX On-demand Service puts you in control of your telephone service and expenses.


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