Residential Phone Service

In conjunction with our Residential Wireless service, we offer Phone Service as well! This makes it easy to cut the cord with that old telephone company, enjoy better quality service, and lower costs. Our service is delivered to your via a small piece of equipment that is installed in your home where the wireless connection also connects to your router.

You can use our service by plugging in any single phone or (cordless phone base). Alternatively, we can assist you in connecting this service to your home wiring so you have access to the phone service anywhere you have a phone jack.

If you have a fax machine or alarm system, rest assured that our service works with just about any other device or system requiring a phone line. We say “just about” because it is simply impossible to have tested every possible piece of equipment out there. When we install the DakotaPro phone line, we will assist you in connecting these devices.

Feature Benefit
Anonymous Call Rejection Anonymous inbound calls can be blocked before they arrive at your telephone
Call Forwarding All incoming calls to your telephone number can be redirected to another destination of your choice.
Call Waiting Call waiting plays a tone to alert you that a new call has arrived when you are already on the line. This can be thought of as a “second line” for incoming calls.
Caller-ID and Caller-Name If your equipment supports inbound Caller ID, and caller ID information is available on the call, we will pass this information through to you
Directory Listing Directory Listing refers to the publication of basic information in the local “white pages” database, including name and telephone number.
Outbound Caller-ID Outbound Caller-ID refers to your telephone number (CNUM) being available to the party you called.
E911 E911 is an advanced location and information service that routes calls and communicates key information to the nearest answering PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point).
Last Call Return You can instruct your phone to place an outbound call to the last person who called you. Commonly called *69
Three-way calling Three-way calling allows you to conference an outbound call into another call that is already in progress.
200 Min Domestic Long Distance min included! Ability to call anywhere in the US at no additional charge for the first 200 minutes.

The following features are available on request and cost an additional nominal monthly fee:

Feature Benefit
No Answer Package Customers choosing this package have a choice of Either:

  • VoiceMail. A cloud-based virtual answering machine to receive your calls if you were unable to answer your line in five rings or less… OR
  • Find-me Calling. A way for a phone call to follow you to another destination (i.e. your cell phone) if you were unable to answer your line in five rings or less.
International Dialing International Dialing refers to outbound calls placed to off-shore telephone numbers, excluding calls to Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Calls to international destinations must be preceded with a “011” prefix.

Learn more by seeing our Residential Phone Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). Let us know of your interest by filling out this quick form, or call us at 745-3900 and we’ll help get you started!

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